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Jun. 24th 2013

GlamSmile Hong Kong and their new VIP lunch concept with celebrities

“Just got back from Hong Kong where former Miss Hong Kong hosted a VIP lunch highlighting GlamSmile. Great concept we want to enroll in other cities too! Top veneer clients invited their jetset family & friends for an exquisite lunch in Hong Kong’s outstanding Conrad Hotel. Also the press attended to see how 2 Chinese celebrities (who are great GlamSmile ambassadors) were interviewed by Miss Hong Kong in between delicious courses (see picture attached). All guests were very excited about the location, lunch, the celebs, the information and the concept of this refined approach.

A recent try-out by our Chinese partner Mr David Lok for advertising not the Smile Consultancy concept but the veneer product itself has delivered excellent results. Check here how GlamSmile talks in China’s Next Magazine about the width of veneers, the strength in megaspascal, the high quality porcelain, and the 3D technology. Very interesting approach with great results!”

May. 21st 2013

Growth of GS China appears in DTI

Dental Tribune International, the world’s biggest dental newspaper, published an article about the remarkable growth of GlamSmile China in their online newsletter. Read the entire article here.

May. 16th 2013

GlamSmile Hong Kong launched a new campaign

Dorian Ho, a famous Chinese designer, is the new face of the latest marketing campaign of GlamSmile Hong Kong. He has international success with his collections and has won many fashion awards.

We are proud to have him as the new GlamSmile face for Hong Kong!

Check out their new campaign here!

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